Aal Yours Consignments

brown wooden drumstick beside brown wooden case

We accept* most types of furniture and household items including
home décor from hutches to the dishes in them, kitchen items,
artwork and specialty items.

How’s it work?

It’s pretty simple.
You start by gathering your gently used, clean and ready for the showroom household goods. Together we will work through your items and
agree on a starting price. Your pieces will be available in
our showroom for 90 days. If they do not sell, you can
either pick them up or we will donate them.
Payments will be made within 15 days of the close of each month.

*Aal Yours does not accept clothing, mattresses or textiles.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not provide item pickup or delivery. We do work with local moving companies and are happy to make a recommendation for item transport! All moving costs are assumed by the consignee or purchase customer.